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Helen's brand new novel, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET, is set in 1944 London. This time as well as the inevitable problems of war, one of the themes is about someone (Louise Rutherford) trying to become a nicer person. That is not an easy thing, especially in wartime, and when posh, pretty Louise finds herself having to join the ATS, the Women's Section of the British Army, she finds that the rigours of military life make it even more challenging.

'Packed with drama and incident, well observed and vividly painted.' Andrew Rissick

'Big engaging Second World War drama that pulses with detail, character and adventure.' Natalie Meg Evans

Readers' comments:

'Superb London wartime saga. Fantastic storytelling.'

'Will keep you turning pages long into the night.'

'Simply the best author I have ever read.'

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET is published by Headline Books in the UK, covers of editions in other territories may vary.