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**LONDON CALLING was short-listed for the 2017 RoNA Best Historical Novel Award.**

Helen's latest novel, LONDON CALLING, focusses on the people living in Lavender Road. As well as many of the popular characters from previous books in the series, this time it takes up the story of Molly Coogan who longs for change in her mundane life as a trainee nurse. But we all know we have to be careful about what we wish for, and as 1943 gets underway, Molly soon finds herself in far more trouble than she ever could have anticipated ...

Readers comments:

'What an amazing read! Helen Carey's LONDON CALLING sets the bar very high for other saga writers.'

'I couldn't put it down. It thrills from beginning to end.'

LONDON CALLING is published in the UK by HEADLINE BOOKS - the cover image in other countries may vary.