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'If you want a romantic escape , with a touch of humour - this novel, THE ART OF LOVING, is for you.'

Kelly has won a scholarship to work with an acclaimed artist in the beautiful German city of Heidelberg. She has arranged to stay with a distant aunt while she studies. So far so good. But what she hasn't accounted for is the angry, brooding presence of eminent nuclear physicist Max Dreiecke von Hartwald, who is not only her aunt's step-nephew, but also owns the magnificent house where her aunt lives. Nor has she realised that her aunt is dying and that Max believes that Kelly has materialised out of the woodwork at this precise moment in order to benefit from her substantial will.

Helen's comments:

I wrote THE ART OF LOVING some time ago and it was on the strength of it being shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writers Award that I was picked up by an agent and a publisher and started my writing career.

It was certainly fun to write. The contrast of the scatty, artistic Kelly with the sardonic arrogance of Max created great opportunities for both tension and humour. Being an artist myself I could put myself in Kelly's shoes as she struggles with the dilemma of needing to instil the required emotion into her art while trying to keep it at bay at home. Add in a pre-existing tension between the amorous art teacher and the gorgeously seductive Max Dreiecke von Hardtwald and you can see that Kelly's problems are mounting by the moment. I read THE ART OF LOVING again recently and my husband was highly amused that it made me both laugh and cry... I hope it will do the same for you!

Readers' comments:

'I never thought of Germany as a particularly sexy location but Heidelberg is as romantic a place as you can find and Max Dreiecke von Hardtwald is certainly all you'd want in a man. It's fun, readable and you won't want it to end.'

'Oh yes! Can we have more of these please!!!'

'I expected to cry but I didn't expect to laugh. The Art of Loving is romance through and through!'