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“Sparkling storytelling!”
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A brand new wartime series by Helen Carey


“Helen’s Lavender Road novels are written with a lightness of touch, an emotional integrity and an historical accuracy which has brought her respect from critics and readers alike by making this period of history accessible to large audiences worldwide.”
Louis de Bernières

“Simply the best author I have ever read.”
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“These stories are told with real excitement and a passion for the foibles of character and behaviour. They are packed with drama and incident and rooted in a consistently well-observed and vividly painted every day reality.”
Andrew Rissick

“Warm, engrossing, moving and entertaining, I didn’t want it to end.”
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Welcome to my website …

I have always been interested in how people interact, quirks of character, and especially in what makes a good story. Even as a child I loved creating stories. On summer holidays I would often prefer to stay indoors writing rather than go to the beach! I also love research and I am constantly looking for interesting and unusual details to add into my books. But whether it be a wartime novel, or a crime adventure, my overriding aim is to entertain. One of my biggest satisfactions is to catch sight of someone on a train or a plane engrossed in one of my books. I hope you enjoy them too!

Helen x