Three weeks ago, we lost Marc’s beloved mother, my wonderful mother-in law, MumJune. Not only was she an entirely unique, extraordinary person, tiny but unbelievably feisty, she was also a huge fan of my books, (and of me, altogether, come to that!)

As well as the inevitable sense of loss, I am particularly sad that the suddenness of her death meant she missed the chance to read my upcoming novel, the start of a brand-new wartime series, which is currently trundling through the publication process, and will be coming out next year. I know she was looking forward to it, partly perhaps because it contains a few elements drawn from her own life.

The full story of MumJune’s life would, in fact, make a fascinating novel. It spanned 92 years, and was well lived, full of variety, emotion and adventure. The very best sort.

I just hope that my new novel, when it finally appears, will do honour to her memory!


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