Hello everyone and greetings from sunny Pembrokeshire.couch

How quickly things change! Since I last posted on this site, the whole world has changed.

I am not going to draw comparisons with the war, although it is tempting to do so, but I am going to say how interesting it is to see how different people react to the crisis. I have often said in these posts that one of the things novelists often try to do is to force their characters into difficult circumstances, because then you can see their true nature emerge.

Well, we are certainly in difficult circumstances now! And we are watching our medics, nurses, carers, shop assistants, police, and many others rise valiantly to the occasion, risking their lives to help others. For the rest of us, the only way we can help is by staying at home. It seems so little to ask, but it is amazing (or is it?) how many people seem reluctant to do it, feeling that they, for some reason, are exempt. Others are vociferous in their determination to rail against the incarceration.

Yes, it is hard, and clearly, depending on circumstances, harder for some than others. To take an example from my Lavender Road series, it would have been unbearable for Joyce Carter to have been locked down with her abusive husband, Stanley, for a few days, let alone weeks on end. (But she definitely would have done it if it had helped defeat Hitler!)

For most of us, a bit of enforced idleness is bearable. I am sure we can do it. We have to do it, if this hideous virus is to be defeated.

So all I can do is wish you well, and hope that you can stay happy and safe for the duration.

And if anyone wants to ask me questions about my books, writing, reading, or indeed about anything else, or if you just need a friend to communicate with, or someone to boost your morale, to then do get in touch, I am not going anywhere, and it would be a pleasure to help.

Helen xx

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